Thursday, September 13, 2007

Past that hurdle

The problem wasn't necessarily an out-of-memory issue, it was a mismatch in how native COM objects are marshaled to managed CLR objects. I wrote a custom marshaler that emits debugging messages and used it to figure out which argument was having problems. A little fussing around and I got it working just fine. At this point, the scripting host starts the scripting engine, calls `AddNamedObject' a couple of times, calls `ParseScriptText' with the source code of the script, and tells the engine to go. I need to suck some meta-data out of the named objects so that I can use them. That seems a little clunky, and I'm surprised that it isn't quite built in to the interop code. A little poking around in how VisualBasic and JScript do it lead me to believe that there isn't a good canonical mechanism. It is amazing this stuff works so well. It's impressive that it works at all. The code is on my code site at

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