Saturday, January 18, 2020

Unsyndicated blog

I've noticed that my blog posts are replicated in Planet Lisp and Planet Scheme, and here I am spamming them with random math stuff. So I'm creating a new blog, Jrm's Random Blog, where I can feel free to post about math, science, computers in general, and whatever else bugs me, without spamming the Lisp and Scheme readers. I'll keep posting to Abstract Heresies, but try to keep it more Lisp and computer language focused.


John Cowan said...

Subscribed! De te fabula narratur.

Anonymous said...

You can tag your posts with "Lisp" and then you ask Planet Lisp & Scheme to subscribe to the per-tag RSS feed. Seems simpler than having multiple blogs.

Joe Marshall said...

You're the first to have mentioned the idea. It's a good idea. But I'm not in the habit of tagging posts, yet, so I think I'll retain the two separate until I get into the habit, and maybe merge the two later.

I'm trying "pop-up" comments to see if they let me comment on my own posts. I understand it's a problem with third-party cookies.