Thursday, September 2, 2010

For your amusement...

Some computer Tom Swifties:
  • “I thought I would free up more memory on the second pass,” Tom recollected.
  • “You should always check the pre-conditions,” Tom asserted.
  • “Did you use SSL?” Tom asked cryptically.
  • “If one of those is smaller, put it first,” Tom ordered weakly.
  • “Command continuations discard values,” Tom said expressionlessly.
  • “That isn't null or a cons cell,” Tom said listlessly.
  • “Does this return an answer?” Tom asked haltingly.
  • “This program implicitly depends upon time,” Tom stated.
  • “Maybe it's in Reverse Polish Notation,” Tom put forth.


  1. "Perhaps we could index each string from left to right?" Tom tried.
    "We'll be able to compute that as soon as you need it," Tom promised.

  2. "I can assure you that our computations will be exact," Tom asserted rationally.

  3. "B-b-but, this is important!" Tom interrupted.

  4. "I'll get around to evaluating that, if we really need to", Tom said lazily.