Thursday, March 25, 2010

Student B goes to the student center to get some tutoring.

“I'm not doing so well in my intro to computer science course. I just took a quiz and didn't finish it. This may sound paranoid, but there's a blog that seems to be talking about the problems I'm having. They were discussing part of the program in the quiz.”
mquander wrote:
Where did student B get the idea that he was supposed to evaluate it?
Blaise Pascal wrote:
He didn't need to evaluate it to answer the quiz questions, and he wasn't asked to evaluate it.
Alexey wrote:
He was expected to ignore the evaluation path of the sanity check form.
“Anyway,”Student B continued, “I don't understand what they are talking about. What else would you do with a program but evaluate it? Isn't that what programs are for? They're telling what not to do, but not what I ought to be doing instead. Can you help me?“

How should the tutor approach this? What should he or she say?