Thursday, March 12, 2009

There's not much more to say about '001. By the end of the course I was definitely decided on becoming a computer hacker. (I decided not to pursue electrical engineering once I got to signals and systems. That's some nasty math.) I was a real fan of Scheme, but my exposure to other Lisps were fairly minimal. Anyway.... once I get over this flu I'll try to write more frequently, but the topics will be random.


Tartley said...

Just wanted to leave a quickie to say that I'm starting on SICP (the book) recently, and I've found your posts really exciting and interesting, so THANKS! and please keep 'em coming.

Unknown said...

Haha, I'm taking 6.003 right now. Just recently they reduced the foundational courses (002, 003, 004 and the new 005, 006, 007) to 12 units instead of 15, so I think they're somewhat easier. Before taking 6.001 I was thinking about EE and MechE, but 6.001 pushed me back towards CS. Your experience reminds me of mine, except that I was coming from the HTML/CSS/PHP mess instead of assembly.