Thursday, October 4, 2007

Trying again

Having standard-object implemented in a separate assembly is getting unweildy. I think I'm going to return to the manifest-instance technique.

The Visual Studio debugger can use certain annotations on your code to make debugging more pleasant. For example, I have annotated my Keyword and Symbol classes so that the watch window can print them correctly (not quite exactly, yet --- no escaping). When I hit a breakpoint, I can get a display like this:

Right now, however, my StandardObject delegates are printing like this:
generic{Method = {System.Object uninitializedFuncallableInstanceMethod(System.Object[])}}object{Lisp.StandardObject}

That's not so useful. I can add the debugging annotations to the StandardObject, but since it is in a different assembly, it creates a circular dependency. If I go back to the somewhat more clunky, but portable representation, I'll find it a lot easier to debug.

Later that same day....
Argh. You can't add a debugger type proxy to a delegate in C#. Back to IL.

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