Thursday, March 10, 2011

And from left field

Blogger is kind enough to report a few statistics about people who visit this blog. One of the stats is “Search Keywords”, which I interpret to mean “What people typed in to Google that directed them here”. Here are a few:
  • continuation passing style no stack
  • how to not write factorial functions
  • lisp vs c++
  • first class environment
These aren't weird. This one is:
  • stairsteps in hair
I'm baffled.


John Cowan said...

You can find the relevant posting by doing a Google site-specific search. Looking for [ stairsteps in hair] locates "Having Fits", which indeed has "stairsteps" and "hair" in close proximity.

What the user who typed that search string had in mind, however, I have no clue.

kbob said...

I bet they didn't know the term for corn rows.

Joe Marshall said...

Wow. I'd have never believed that I ever used the words `stairsteps' and `hair' in close proximity, but there it is!

I wonder what is the most bizarre word combination I've ever written.

Anonymous said...

I was baffled by the fact I receive visitors for "ретро программирование" until I discovered it's Russian for Retro Programming :-) I've had a quick look through the stats, but nothing else unusual.