Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lisp Conference - Jerry Boetje

Jerry Boetje officially unveiled CLforJava at the conference. Jerry's goal is to ‘intertwine’ Common Lisp and Java so you can build programs out of components written in either or both languages and transparently move between the languages.

I think this is a great idea. I'd like to see something more formal about the semantics of doing this. What gets lost in the intertwining? What is intertwining? It isn't compilation or interpretation.

ObScheme: I'm doing some latency measurements and have adapted my old latency measuring code. It's a trivial SCSH script, but it produces the goods.


Sam Tobin-Hochstadt said...

There's been a lot of work recently on the semantics of 'intertwining'. See my papers on Typed Scheme, Jacob Matthews' papers on interlanguage interoperability, Kathy Gray's papers on Scheme/Java interop, and other.s

RJIH said...

Seen Clojure?

Joe Marshall said...

I have seen Clojure (Rich Hickey gave a presentation at the conference).